We are always happy to know that all work we do, adds to the greenery of the planet, since in today's time it is becoming more & more uncommon to have open spaces, its always a challenge to make the best of the available space and make a small yet effective green lung around you!

We love Plants and everything to do with it! If you have anything that surrounds this, we are more that happy to help. Spread across an area of 4 acres, we have a large collection of rare and beautiful plants, we are one stop solution right from beautiful flowering plants, indoor plants, orchids and hand crafted bonsai to living walls, fertilizers, equipment, designer pots/planters, almost everything needed to boost your piece of nature is available right here!

We also take small to extensive projects to makeover and totally revamp your green patch to a more modern and aesthetically beautiful garden may it be a small terrace patch or a remote farm house, we love it all! Our team of experts specialize with all gardening related services that are key to making your garden one of a kind with proper layout planning, execution and maintenance. Feel free to get in touch or drop in at our green heaven anytime. We do all sorts of greening projects, but to list a few below are some of the ones we do on a regular basis.


Vertical Garden

Vertical garden design is answer for people who have small space but huge love for nature. It’s innovative concept of gardening suitable for following requirements – have a limited horizontal space but need garden around, or the one who wants to cover an unattractive wall, or just for the one who crave for something different. Vertical garden add to the beauty of your offices and homes which you can proudly flaunt about.

Rock Garden

Rock Garden is unique innovative & stylish concepts constructed by creative arrangements of rocks, water features, moss, and pruned trees and bushed. The gravel or sand is also raked to represent ripples in water. This form of landscaping bring modern element to your premises with a benefit of low maintenance and is in season throughout the year.

Podium Landscape

Podium Landscape breaks the perception that for gardening you need bigger space. Podium gardening is basically involves gardening at elevated structure of your building such as – Terrace & Balcony. Considering the location on landscape, it involves skillful selection of plants and experienced planning of drainage system. This kind of gardening helps you to create a space which gives you the comfort of spending serene and relaxed time with your loved ones without leaving your premise.


A waterfall can completely change the atmosphere of your backyard. Falling water produces a peaceful sound that is soothing to the soul. Adding a well-designed waterfall and pond will transform your backyard into a private retreat.

Farmhouse Development

Imagine a farm house where you cook your own farm plucked vegetables and your grandchildren eating the farm fresh fruits. If that’s what you desire from your farm house then Bhoomi Landscape is your answer. Under farm house development service, we take care of cultivation of fruits, vegetables, cut flowers, exotic vegetables and flower crops. We also take maintenance task wherein we pay attention to all procedures related to the cropping system, starting from procurement of planting material, manures, irrigation systems, inputs & services for plant protection.

Agriculture Plantation

We provide professional expertise in setting up commercial farming. We work as technical partners with clients assisting them to choose the right area, helping the plot to make it more fertile to selection of right seeds and sapling which results in high yield with maximum benefits.

Irrigation System

A healthy and flourishing landscape requires a properly functioning irrigation system. Irrigation system ensures the plants health by providing controlled watering system. Our skilled staff and age old expertise provides you the professional service to set up an irrigation system for stress free landscape.

Plant Nursery

Our nursery is spread across 4 acres area with approximately 7000 varieties of plants, which includes specialization in exclusive Indoor Varieties. We have well maintained plants which are nurtured carefully under favorable conditions. We have an experience and dynamic team of about 25 staff which includes Horticulturist, Landscape Designers, and Gardeners which look after the plants and maintain their beauty.

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